You play as Zod a wizard that finds himself trapped in a snake den. You will be challenged with rounds of increasing difficulty. Try to survive for as long as you can. 

The Gospel of Enlightenment - It is your weapon, with it you can cast spells. Emits a faint light that allows you to see in this dark place.

XP - Extermination Points, gain it by hurting enemies and collecting the remains of your enemies. Used to acquire spells on the altars of power.

Crystals - Item droped by snakes, gives player 100xp. Be fast, they are volatile and evaporate after some time.

Snakes - Sneaky snakes, that are hard to see in the dark. They are very hungry and chase you trying to fill their bellies (as if they had one). Be aware that their lifespan is short and they may transform into stone blocking your way.


  • The Rock: The least powerful spell, it is your starting spell and the one you use when you are out of other spells.
  • Fireballs; Balls of fire!
  • Holy Granade: Explodes dealing damage over area. Be careful to not kill yourself using it
  • The Ice Demon: You feel a deep power within it. Doesn't like fire.


  • Left\Right mouse buttons - Shoot
  • mouse - aim
  • WASD - Move
  • Space - Dash
  • F/R: Buy left/right spell

There is support for Controllers, but keep in mind that the game was designed to play with the mouse and keyboard.

Different versions:

I provide a web version for ease of usage, but frame rate is somewhat instable on the browser and audio was having a lot of glitches so its disabled by default. For a better experience download it for Windows or Linux.

This is a prototype version of the game I'm making, you can call it an alpha version. If you enjoyed playing you can help me by giving your feedback on this forms, it is quick and will help me a lot to understand the players. If you really liked it consider donating or simply leaving a comment in this page, it will really help me stay motivated!!!


  • The fireball was made by Willisshek.
  • The rest of the assets were done by me.


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Mouse aim don't work in web version. (win 7, latest chrome)

Thanks for sharing, I will investigate. One thing that could be happening is that when you have a controller connected it's configured to not accept mouse input.

Hmm yes, it's possible. I have controller. (disabled but detected in system)